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Remembering the forgotten ways as humans, makers, ourselves

Welcome to The House of Lost Arts, a gathering place where we reclaim ancient & ancestral ways, our human nature as makers, and the wild, primal one within.

This is the place for wild creatives, magic makers, and hearth tenders who feel disconnected from this modern world and crave more depth in what it means to be a human being.

A place where we can embrace our weirdness as outliers from our superficial culture and build ourselves and our lives into a beautiful creation of our own imagination.

Where we go within, unearthing who we are beneath modernity, remembering who we really are beneath the rules and expectations in order to live out our wild, creative nature.

We invite you to unshackle your inner wild one, get your hands messy, and join us.

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It's time to shed the skin of your modern, civilized nature

Welcome to The House of Lost Arts

  • It’s here that you remember our primal human nature
  • It’s here that you deepen your connection to the natural world
  • It’s here that you find meaning in the old ways
  • It’s here that you unleash your inner maker
  • It’s here that you explore the shadowy deep of the creative process
  • It’s here that you reimagine who you really are

Welcome wild creative

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What does your wild, creative life look like?

I’m here as your guide to help you explore a wild, creative lifestyle and unearth what it looks like for you to live wildly, to live creatively, free from the expectations of what your life should look like, and in touch with what brings you deep nourishment and bold expression.

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Hello, I'm Brooke & I'm your guide

I always wanted to be an artist, but as I got older, the pressures to be more responsible and practical began to cloud my dream and my path became obscured. My adult life began with me feeling completely lost - this modern life path we’re all ushered onto couldn’t possibly be what it means to be a human.

I sunk myself into the journey of self-discovery to unearth who I really was beneath the personas I adopted to try to make it in this culture and what I wanted beneath the unfulfilled career paths and ambitions that were supposed to bring success.

I tried on so many more things, cast away everything that didn’t fit. Beneath every version of myself was a calling to create, a connection to nature, shunning of modern norms, and looking to alternative and ancestral wisdom.

My journey of discovery and becoming continues to this day. It’s the nature of being a human, a seeker, and it’s a beautiful (and challenging) process. I’m here, riding the waves of life, and supported by my creative practices, hearth-tending, ancestral rituals, folk traditions, and connection to nature. Along the way, I’ve returned to being the artist I always wanted to be.

I’m here to help you unearth who you really are, find your own lifestyle and personal practices that bring guidance and meaning to your life, and connect with your inner wild one, muse, and maker.

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Ready to embody your wild, creative nature?

If you’re tired of trying to make it in this modern world, sacrificing yourself and your dreams and desires in the process, and ready to forge your own path, your own unique vision, and find meaning and expression through connection to the forgotten ways, of being a human, of being a maker, of being yourself, then this is the place for you.
Let's rewild