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Seeking deeper meaning, deeper magic in the lost ways

of being a human, a maker, and our true self

Artwork for Wild Women

Through my art, I reach deep into the places we’ve buried our raw & true nature, digging up the beauty that lies in dark places, and unearthing the potential in our wild side.

I draw from nature’s signs and symbols to connect to our untamed side that runs within our inner landscape, seeking long lost meaning and magic.

My process involves reflection on the inner journey as wild maker and exploration of natural processes and materials, engaging in the full process as creator.

Art helps me feel deeply and live freely. May it impart in you the same.

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Welcome to The House of Lost Arts

The House of Lost Arts was born out of my reclamation of art as my sacred work, as well as my love of traditional wisdom and skills that have been lost to modernity. I believe that we are all makers at heart – working with our hands is rooted in our nature and history as humans. Here, we invite meaning and magic back into our lives by reclaiming our lost arts & wild dreams, choosing making & creating as a means of self-expression & self-reliance, remembering the ways of the humans who came before us, connecting more deeply with nature & the cycles of life, and getting back in touch with our wild self & true nature.

Hello, I’m Brooke

Raised in rural Wyoming, I have a deep love of wild and expansive lands, where wildlife and cattle roam free rather than the sprawl of corporate stores. I always sought a feeling of freedom in my work, with my dream of being an artist as old as my first memory. The civilized path came for me, like it does for us all, and I found myself lost for a time. My call to create never left though, as I danced in the kitchen, cooking from scratch and making sourdough bread while I dreamt of the freedom of creative work, living off the land, and homeschooling. In time, I came to know these in various forms – dreams and visions that continue to grow and evolve. The common threads that continue to run through me are a need to make, expression of my true nature, a love of the natural world, and looking to the ways before modernity.

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Work with Me

Guidance for makers & Creators

I work with creators, makers, artists, artisans, and craftswomen who dream of escaping the modern way of working, returning to the old ways of creation instead of consumption, and finding freedom and fulfillment in their work.

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A seasonal mentorship to rewild your work, follow your heart, and create your own unique vision and path as a creator or maker.

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A personal reading with my oracle deck to give you fresh perspectives in your wild work.

Unearthing Who We Are Beneath Modernity

While the world seeks to move us along at a mindless pace, we get to come back to our roots – being who we are, making what we want to make, connecting with nature, and remembering more meaningful ways of being a human. We get to reclaim who we really are and create our own way in the world – outside the expectations that come with living in the modern world.

Notes from

the Journal

  • Learning to let go when our creative harvests fail to fruit

    Learning to let go when our creative harvests fail to fruit

    I’m in my element, as the transition from the heat of summer to the warmth of autumn becomes visible. The first fire burning in the hearth penetrates deep into my bones rather than a scorching heat that brushes the surface. The softening of summer’s lively green into fall’s vibrant reds and oranges will soon become…

  • From the darkness, inspiration returns

    From the darkness, inspiration returns

    Summer is retreating, and with the dissipating light, I find inspiration is returning. There are the people for which joy comes more naturally. Perhaps these are the same types who look forward to a warm summer day and the promise of a day swarming with aliveness that leaves them glistening when the sun meets the…

  • When the root of our suffering is a world starved of purpose & meaning

    When the root of our suffering is a world starved of purpose & meaning

    As I stood in my garden with the dark moon overhead, I felt determined to get the seeds for my root crops in the soil. The loosened and weeded beds had settled and grass sprouts were popping up in the prepared earth as I made my final preparations. It was a full day’s work returning…

Tend the Fire letters

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