Hello, I’m Brooke Golden

Artist, Maker & Founder of The House of Lost Arts

Daydreaming about being an artist, dancing in the living room to Fleetwood Mac, summer days spent admiring wildflowers, serene time fishing, and savoring a home-cooked meal of wild game – the ways I could describe myself as a young child and still to this day.

And somewhere in between, I was a lost young adult, seeking greater purpose and meaning in life. Seeking my true self, yet she was there all along.

Like you, I was churned out onto the modern traditional path – an attempt to get me to conform. I felt lost and unfulfilled because I didn’t fit the mold.

Bit by bit, I picked up the pieces of myself. I started a graphic and web design business. I bought 20 acres, where I had around 60 chickens at one point – laying hens as well as meat birds I butchered myself. I gardened, I began hunting, I continued to fish, I baked sourdough bread, and made homemade yogurt.

The birth of my first child caused me to get even more serious about the life I was creating. It was the transition to motherhood that caused me to pick up the paintbrush again and return to my dream of being an artist.

A shapeshifter by nature, I’ve gone through many evolutions over the years. I’m not sure that I will ever land with finality as I continue to dig up buried jewels.

Today, you will still find me pulling up weeds in the garden as I pull up weeds from my mind, dancing in the kitchen while cooking from scratch rustic foods I grew, killed, and fermented myself, excavating the depths within my journal or in the solitude of nature, honoring the seasons and cycles in nature and my own life, and exploring how this all weaves together in my art.

As an artist, I’m inspired by the things that have been buried in the shadows, the cycles of life, death, and rebirth, and the wild landscapes in nature and within ourselves. I consider my connection to nature as I select my materials and in my creative process and projects. I am influenced by the wild Wyoming lands I live on and my Northern European ancestry – observing the similarities and the differences. I gravitate towards texture, which can be seen in my Impressionist brush strokes, mixing of mediums, and intricate details.

On the technical side of things, I’m a lover of both art and math, I learned graphic design on the job at a local newspaper at the young age of 15, and I completed my degree in Computer Science. I’m a certified holistic life coach and ritual facilitator and trained in trauma-informed modalities. In addition to being an artist and maker myself, I mentor other makers and wild ones who want to do their wild work in the world.

Our North Star

At The House of Lost Arts, we believe that life has deeper meaning when we excavate the depths to unearth who we really are beneath the expectations of modern society, get our hands dirty in paint, sourdough, mud, or blood, reclaim our sovereignty and rootedness through traditional skills and ancient wisdom, savor the diverse and ever-changing seasons of life, death, and rebirth in nature and in our own lives, and feel into the wild and primal nature that lies within.

Welcome to The House of Lost Arts

The House of Lost Arts is for women who crave meaning and magic that’s been lost to modernity, and who seek freedom in our wild human nature and in being a maker.

In the Journal, I share writings on uncovering and expressing our true selves, making and the creative process, the self-sufficiency of putting our hands to work, nature and rewilding, working with our natural cycles and rhythms, creating our own path outside the expectations of society, and finding meaning and wisdom in the ways of the humans who came before.

Available in the shop is my original artwork for women who want to connect more deeply with and express more fully the wild self that lies within. I offer seasonal mentorship for makers, creators, and wild ones who wish to leave the modern, conventional path of work and follow their hearts as an artist, artisan, and craftswoman.

There’s so much more to come as my work grows and evolves. I welcome you here to find your own liberating journey away from the expectations of our modern world and return home to your true and wild self.

Tend the Fire letters

I regularly share with my subscribers what I’m creating, reflections on the inner journey as a maker through the lens of nature, journal prompts for inner excavating, and more. Join the list to receive these inspirational notes and tend to your inner muse and wild self.