For those who want to rekindle meaning and fulfillment in their work, rewild their business, and become a part of a new economy of creators, makers, artists, artisans, and craftswomen. It’s time to let go of the expectations of what your work or business should look like in the world, taking it out of the box it’s been put in, and ignite the magic in your unique vision.

During our time together, I will offer guidance to help you:

  • Reclaim meaning in your sacred work by following your heart’s calling
  • Go within to unearth and ignite the magic in your unique vision
  • Unlearn the modern ways of working and create new ways of being and doing in your work
  • Honor your rhythms and the cycles of nature rather than the hustle of modernity
  • Create a beautiful vision for your work and express it in living, breathing form

This mentorship will help you get clear on your sacred work and lifestyle as a maker or creator, create a vibrant vision and container for your work, develop satisfying processes of creation, and rewild your work for new ways of being and doing in a world that’s forgotten what it means to be wildly human.

Email me to learn more or sign up.

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