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Welcome to The House of Lost Arts

The House of Lost Arts Welcome Poem

To the wild creatives, the magic makers, the hearth tenders
We say welcome, to The House of Lost Arts
Where we look beneath the foundations of our modern society
Deep, into the caverns of our bones
Unearthing who we are beneath modernity
Unearthing what our hearts have been calling out for
To live a wild, creative life, born of the old ways

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Welcome to The House of Lost Arts…

To the wild, creative ones in hiding…

The ones who feel like they don’t belong in this modern world. Who dream of another way or even another world. Who crave more meaning and fulfillment.

Step out of the shadows and up to the hearth. You don’t have to go it alone.

Here, we guide you to unearth who you are, buried beneath the expectations of who you should be and what you should do, to dream a wild dream for your life.

Here, you come to reclaim your wild, creative self, to remember what it means to make with your hands, to rewild and reconnect with nature, to honor our more primal, ancestral ways, and to create new ways of being and doing on this earth.

Here, you come to escape the modern, civilized world, shed your skin, and embody an untamed being of your wild creation, boldly expressed in this world, strong, sovereign, artistic, and resourceful.

To your secret self, your true nature, we say welcome.

The House of Lost Arts is about unearthing who we are and finding meaning beneath the assumptions and expectations of living in the modern world, reclaiming the lost arts and old ways, rewilding ourselves and deepening our connection with the natural world, remembering what it really means to be creative while reclaiming the beauty of handmade and the lifestyle of artists, artisans, and makers, entertaining our wildest dreams through the magic of possibility, and staying curious about the third way.

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Welcome to The House of Lost Arts

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